About Tarot reading and consultation:

We all at some point in our lives undergo immense transformation and are faced with challenges.  It really doesn't matter if it is emotional, financial, relationship issue but the consequences are the same, despair, uncertainty, grief, worry, regrets, panic, abandonment of goals or desires and lack of confidence and trust in yourself, those close to you or the almighty. Adversity strikes everyone regardless of the color, gender, sex, economic status, race or religion.  In  these times of distress , Tarot can serve as road maps on the journey to an unknown territory- A Tarot reading throws light into darkness to see where we are going wrong and what is the correct path to be taken.

Tarot Cards help us understand the forces lying beneath the surface of a situation to reveal deep seeded points that we might not have been aware of otherwise, so that we can see problems more accurately. They suggest ways to handle challenges and encourage us. Their advice may be ambiguous at times but never wrong. Tarot works  on the level that the answers to all questions already exist and that some part of you- your subconscious, higher mind, inner wisdom, or whatever you choose to call it- Knows the answers.  A tarot card reader is medium who interprets the messages coming from the divine. Through a pictorial representation, tarot helps us skip our rational, logical intellect and its limited understanding so that you can see the bigger picture.

Who can get a reading done:

Anyone can get a reading done. However it is easier to get a reading done for someone with a open mind and is receptive to the information given. Clients may not always get the answers what they are expecting and hence may not want to believe in the answers given. I have always found tarot cards to give the right answers. They always give a insight and strong guidance path that is required. People have the right to make their own choices.  One can always retain their free will to control their destiny and I respect that. However if one chooses to get a reading done they have to be open and be receptive to receive accurate answers.

How do I frame a question to a Tarot reader:

It is suggested to frame questions after analyzing ones problems. Preferably frame open ended questions.

Always ensure that we frame questions in a positive manner, for example you can ask :

e.g 1)How is my month going to be...rather then asking "Is my month going to be good or bad".

e.g 2) How will I fare in my exams ... rather then asking" Am I going to pass in my exams"? or

e.g 3) How is my relationship... rather then asking is this person good for me?.

Every reading consists of a considerable amount of energy exchange hence it is suggested that one takes time out to prepare the list of questions to be asked before the reading so that one doesn't forget important questions needed to be asked during the reading.  

In my experience of tarot reading for clients, they are amazed at the accuracy these cards can lead to. Though I have had clients who initially came and did find the answers vague but eventually as time went by called up to say that the reading did make sense. At times the readings are understood instantaneously at times it takes months but all makes sense- In time. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle …eventually all the small bits fit in to form a bigger picture. One simply needs to have faith and believe.


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