Every being is born at a particular time, day, month and year for a reason…invariably there will be some numbers missing in your life. The missing number in your life depict the lessons needed to be learnt in this incarnation. Numerology is primarily a self-help tool and helps gives a better insight to the inner being and your true nature. Through numbers it helps you cultivate the strength and to overcome your weaknesses.

Numerology can also help unveil your Karmic debts. For eg if you were cruel, mean, self-obsessed, greedy, irresponsible in your past life, in this life time you can set the record straight. So here we help understand the burdens of Karma and help workaround it.  Also every year contains different energies and if we work with these energies understanding its vibrations we will progress smoothly and quickly. For it is important to identify which personal year you are in.

At the Zen School we help to reduce those sufferings through various remedies of the closest and the top remedies is the name correction or better known in todays world as nameology.  One can achieve a better life by merely changing names. The others remedies are Yatras prescribed to help lead a peaceful life. One can also benefit a lot by know which personal year you run into so that you can achieve the maximum benefits from the suitable vibrations running that year.

Numerology also gives details on how the year is going to be and when is the right time to take up new ventures, get married, register new house, best colour for luck, choosing the right vehicle number, house names, etc.


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