A lot of times phone numbers cause a lot of chaos in our day to day living. One cannot ignore that numbers have a large impact in our lives and  excess of certain numbers cause adverse effect. 

The right phone number can bring a drastic change in your life. We spend a fortune to attain fancy numbers only to realize that the phone number has invited a lot of turmoil, backstabbing, issues in relationships, financial problems, extreme stubbornness, ego clashes, irrational thinking and the list can go on and on. 

Every number is associated with specific planets, if the planet is good for you or no can be told by studying your date of birth. The impact  that these numbers can reveal, is beyond ones imagination.

Here at "The Zen School" we help you select a number that is perfectly compatible with your DOB, We help adjusting the numbers based on the priorities you hold in life – Eg Education, Knowledge, personal life, money status etc.


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